Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Patients are very fortunate to have a Dr. of the caliber of Dr. Jones in Los Angeles. He has taken care of myriad numbers of my patients and provided them consistently with the highest medical care possible. Many times these patients had seen numbers of other physicians before Dr. Jones discovered and treated their true problem. I am proud to associate with him. -Dr. Vanessa Johnson, Los Angeles

I was an undiagnosed diabetic that Dr. Jones discovered, and put me on an easy to follow prescriptive exercise and nutritional plan that resulted in a complete reversal of my diabetes and complete correction of my high cholesterol.-M. Jenkins, Los Angeles

“I am an actress and my skin has never looked better and my body is better toned than ever with more energy than before.  My workouts are easier with better results from the same time in the gym.” – Helen B.

“I noticed how much softer my skin is and how much younger I look. my vaginal symptoms have totally resolved and sex is better than ever. I just simply feel great”. Corlene D.

“My weight began to respond immediately to the changes Dr. Jones made in his program.  My cholesterol normalized and I was able to stop the medication for it.  My waist size is smaller and my curves I have not had for 20 years are back. Thank your for your care.” – Linda W.

“I have lost 28 pounds, reduced my waist from 41 to 33 inches, normalized my cholesterol and my libido has increased; thank you Dr. Jones.” – Robert M.

 “I have lost 21 pounds, my blood sugar normalized, and my waist went from 40 to 32. I am keeping the weight off and have much more energy than ever”. – Robin S.

“Dr.Jones has restored my faith in physicians.   He takes all the time I need to understand his program and is never rushed.  He is easy to reach at all times, and my strength and endurance and libido have never been better”. -Charles B.

“I am wearing the same size after 4 months on the program that I was in high school, where I was a competitive swimmer.  Thank you for finding and correcting my thyroid problem and hormones.  I have never felt better.” – Douglas K.

“I have added muscle to my arms and chest while reducing my waist size to the smallest I have ever been.  My libido and overall energy has increased while all my friends have been commenting on all the new positive changes”. – Alex D.

“I have never had a doctor give me his private cell phone number, and Dr. Jones has helped me maintain a 22 pound weight loss, replaced my thyroid which made a world of difference in my energy and mood.” 

– Sandra L.