Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Santa Monica Testosterone Replacement Therapy Doctor, Michael T. Jones, M.D. specializes in helping men replenish imbalanced hormone levels. Men experience a natural decline in hormones as they age, and “Andropause or “Male Menopause” are terms commonly used to refer to this loss. As early as the mid-20s testosterone and other important hormones begin to decline. Until about the early to mid- 40s, most men do not find the changes associated with hormone decline particularly noticeable, but around this time, the rate of hormone loss begins to accelerate and many symptoms become more prominent.

The most troubling symptoms for most men are diminished sexual performance and low libido, and usually, men note that the shape of their bodies and musculature alters as they age. Softer muscles of decreased size and more prominent waistlines become apparent, and despite how much effort is put into exercising or going to the gym, the level of definition, growth, and prominence cannot be attained once the essential hormones have declined.

Energy and endurance begin to decline, and with the drop in hormones, a simultaneous increase in body fat occurs, and this is often associated with the feeling of increased age. The drop in hormones in men is more gradual than in women, and until recently, this has not generated as much attention in men as in women. The symptoms become more noticeable as time passes, and without treatment, the effects of aging spare no one. Santa Monica Testosterone Replacement Therapy Doctor, Michael T. Jones, M.D. can help men to balance their hormones and reverse or prevent some of the signs and symptoms of aging.

Essential Hormones:

Testosterone is not the only hormone that declines with age, and there are five essential hormones that promote wellbeing.

  • Testosterone helps sustain reproduction and sexual function.
  • DHEA
helps synthesize testosterone and other important hormones.
  • Thyroid
hormone maintains responsibility for balancing metabolism.
  • Pregnenolone
repairs nerve damage and helps in nerve transmission.
  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) stimulates cell production, synthesizes fats and sugars, and helps with bone growth.

Common Signs of Low Hormones:

When testosterone or other hormones decline, some of the following symptoms may manifest as a result of this decline.

  • Muscles become softer and atrophy
  • Waist line expansion and
difficulty losing weight
  • Low libido
  • Diminished sexual performance
  • Tired or sluggish during the mid-day
  • Thin, inelastic, wrinkled skin
  • Thinning Hair
  • Poor memory
  • Elevated cholesterol
  • Lower endurance
  • Insomnia

How Hormones Can Help:

When hormones are supplemented, overall health can be improved due to the erasure of the cause of the symptoms. Just a few of the many benefits of improved hormone balance can include:

  • Building lean muscle – Testosterone can influences muscle cells and can cause increased muscle mass.
  • Improved skin texture – Hormones help to increase collagen, which can stimulate new skin growth, giving skin a fresher, more youthful appearance.
  • Increased energy – Hormones influence blood sugar and metabolism, which can elevate energy and motivation.
  • Reduced body fat – Balancing hormones can allow the body to let go of excess fat and replace it with lean muscle.
  • Restored vibrant sexuality – Low libido or erectile dysfunction can be eliminated when testosterone and other hormones are sufficient.
  • Healthier Sleep – The body can better regulate sleeping cycles when hormones are properly aligned.

Santa Monica Testosterone Replacement Therapy Doctor, Michael T. Jones, M.D. has helped countless men to improve the symptoms related to andropause or male hormone decline. His specialized programs take his patients’ medical history, preferences, and treatment goals into consideration. Michael Jones, M.D. has helped guide countless men to better hormone health, and many patients have been able to regain balance, quality of life, and vitality.

To learn more about getting started with a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program for andropause, contact Santa Monica Testosterone Replacement Therapy Doctor, Michael T. Jones, M.D. today to schedule FREE a consultation!